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Faulty Products

People buy, consume, and use products with the trust that manufacturers, sellers, and other involved parties have done everything in their power to make sure that the products are safe for us consumers. Still there are cases of people being injured from dangerous or hazardous products. 

A dangerous product means the product or item that commercially produced and sold by manufacturer that is dangerous to consumer. The hazard can be caused by different types of defect including manufacturing fault, flawed design, and inadequate warning information.

Dangerous products are products that pose hazard to human health and safety. The injury caused by dangerous product can be chronic and even fatal. In Canada, product safety is priority to consumer safety which governed by the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. This means the companies and manufacturers are required to take responsibility in make sure that products they produced are safe and not defective. A dangerous product that causes personal injury or death can pose civil and criminal liability to those who manufactured, imported, labelled, tested, advertised, and sold that product. The personal injury due to the dangerous product can fall under product liability law.

Product liability law addresses the defect state of product and negligence of parties involved in producing, handling, and advertising dangerous products. In such product liability claim, there must be proof that the injury is resulted by direct use of the flawed products.

If you are injured or harmed by defective products, it is important to seek urgent medical attention from a licensed medical practitioner to address the injury quickly. Plus, gathering document of the incident and image of accident scene can be good evidences for the case. Seek experienced personal injury lawyer to help you on your compensation.

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